What causes hair loss?

The phenomenon of hair loss is a widespread phenomenon in many women and men, and there are many reasons that lead to this hair loss , and this factor may lead to a lot of people to feel frustrated, where hair is subjected to a lot of influences that lead to hair loss and exposure to brittleness and frenzy, and for this You find many people, especially women, are quick to go to specialist doctors or search online for ways to repair hair loss, but you must know what the causes of hair loss Follow us.

Hair loss

Human hair goes through three basic stages as it grows:

  • Growth stage:  This stage is one of the stages in which one’s hair continues to grow, and remain for many years, called “Anagin”,

It is 2-8 years, and growth may continue in many stages.

  • Transition phase”Catagen”: a contraction of the hair follicles, with a slow occurrence during growth, and it should be noted that this stage may last for a few months.
  • Rest phase:  At this stage, the person’s hair begins to grow and then pushes the hair out of the old and this after it separates from the follicles, hence this stage also continues for many months.

 Causes of hair loss

There are a lot of causes that lead to hair loss.

It may be due to some psychological reasons, and those reasons:

Thyroid disorders

When the thyroid gland is malfunctioning, the human body is malfunctioning,

In the production of certain hormones where there may be an increase or decrease in the rate of secretion, ie, an overactive in the gland or a failure in the work of the gland.

Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy and childbirth are the biggest causes of hair loss, due to an increase in some hormones during pregnancy,

After a woman gives birth, her hair is heavily shed, especially after about three months,

The reason for the return of the proportion of hormones as they were in the past.

Ringworm of the head

What is ringworm or “ringworm” is a fungus that affects the human head and appears in its place some inflamed or scaly places,

The beginning of their appearance in the form of some small pimples, and when the treatment of ringworm due to the person’s hair as it was before.

High cholesterol level

You may be surprised to hear that high cholesterol in your blood is one of the causes of hair loss.

Immune dysfunction of the body

When the immune system in the human body is malfunctioning happens to attack the healthy and healthy follicles in the human body leading to hair loss.

Polycystic ovaries

Polycystic ovaries in women affect the occurrence of hair loss, and this is due to an imbalance in the production of hormones,

There is an increase in the rate of male hormones and may occur hair loss in the head, and an increase in body hair.

Contraceptive pills

It happens a lot of times when taking pills to expose many women to hair loss,

This is because there are some women who are allergic to taking these types of drugs,

They develop a rapid transition from growth to transition, hence hair loss.

Stress and stress

One of the factors leading to human hair loss is exposure to stress and stress.

And don’t forget the chemicals that lead to hair loss, the use of high heat,

In addition to being exposed to dryness and sun throughout the day of the most important reasons that lead to hair loss.

The average age of human hair

It is estimated that the average human hair is estimated to grow approximately 1.26 cm per month, but taking into account that the ratio varies from person to person.

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