What Are The Highest Paid Doctor Specialties? Choose Yours

How can you choose your medical specialty what are the highest-paid doctor specialties which offer the best work/life balance?. Which are the most popular with men versus women??

This is the article that you dont want to miss because I’m going to answer all of these questions and more

-So that you can decide which specialty is best suited for you.


Before we get into the highest paid doctor specialties those that are the most popular and offer, the best work/life balance , first I want to discuss what factors you should consider in order to choose a medical specialty that’s best suited for you.

To start with you’ll need to think about what clinical or scientific areas you’re interested in. You might find that you’re interested in a specific organ system or a group of diseases.

Depending on your answers there’s a large range of specialties that can be suitable such as neurology, radiology or even anesthesia.

If for example you loved surgery

Then you could pursue orthopedics, plastic surgery or neurosurgery.

Mix between surgery and medicine

if you have a variety of Interests and are hoping for more of a mix between surgery and medicine then you could consider ENT Medicine, ob/gyn, emergency medicine.

If You hate Surgery

if surgery isn’t for you and you’d like to focus solely on medicine. Then perhaps internal medicine, neurology and psychiatry are options worth thinking about.

When you’re trying to decide on your interest consider what type of activities you like engaging in and what kind of patient relationship you’d like to have internal and family medicine for example require long term patient relationships

Whereas something like radiology and pathology have almost no patient interaction .


it’s also important to think about the type of patient population that you want to work within. Use your clinical training ( Internship/Housejob) to think about the types of patient and populations you would enjoy working with and different situations that you’ll do well in.

Based on both your training and your interests for example patients in internal medicine tend to be older and sicker with social and physiological challenges .Some may enjoy the complexity of this patient group

While others may find it difficult those who choose to work in pediatrics should have a love of children and be skilled and effective at communicating and treating this group.


Of individuals aside from your medical interests you need to consider your personal requirements. Think about how much importance you place on work life balance .

Are you happy working long hours ? and would you be happy being on call ?how much time do you want to spend on call or doing shift work?

Is it really important to you to have weekends off ? and lastly how important are your potential earnings?. Students who borrowed money come out of medical school with an average debt of $200,000 which is a hefty amount of money.

So although you shouldn’t make your decision based solely on salary income is an important factor to consider to ensure that your medical education is reimbursed and that you can live happily on your salary.

it’s therefore important for you to gain as much information into specialties that you’re interested in so you can make an informed decision that you’ll be happy with.


it’s a good idea to join specialty interest clubs and organizations at school get in touch with physicians that working the specialties that you’re considering so that you can chatter them .

This is crucial in understanding what the day to day will be like and it will also allow you to pick their brain during breaks. To find out what they like about the specialty and what are the challenges and things that they wish they knew about the specialty before they invested in it

-Finally you need to be aware of specialty related facts such as burnout rates salaries vacation days and work-life balance .

So I’m going to help you with some of these so let’s get right into the


These average salaries are based on an AMA survey of more than 20,000 physicians across 29 different specialties and the highest paying specialties are generally pay procedure based at number..


with an average annual salary of 392,000 $


With average salary of 401,000 $


With average salary of 408,000 $


With average salary of 497,000 $

1 . Highest-paid doctor specialty is PLASTIC SURGERY.

At a whopping 500,000 $ /YEAR , that’s over a hundred thousand more than dermatology
which was the fifth highest paid.


-3) INTERNAL MEDICINE = 230,000$ /yr

-2) FAMILY MEDICINE = 219,000 $/yr

-1) PEDIATRICS = 212,000 $ /yr


According to the National resident matching program

3- Hematology and Oncology
which received 788 applicants for 553 positions

2- Pulmonary disease and Critical Care Medicine

which received 789 applicants for 568 positions and the

1- Cardiovascular disease

which received 1261 applicants for 894 positions


Well according to an AMA study with over 15,000 physician participants these five
specialties reported the lowest rates of burnouts physicians who chose

5- Orthopedic specialties =reported 34% burnout

4- Ophthalmology= reported 33% burnout

3-Pathology = had 32% burnout

2- Dermatology = had as well 32% burnout and the

1- Specialty with the lowest burnout is PLASTIC SURGERY at only 23% if you remember this is also the highest paying specialty so it’s an interesting connection between the two.

Which Specialties are more common for WOMEN versus MEN According to the AAMC

WOMEN made up 8.27 percent of residents in obstetrics and gynecology 73 percent in pediatrics and 70 percent in allergy and immunology.

MEN on the other hand made up 85.1 percent of residents in orthopedic surgery

82.5 percent of residents in neurological surgery and 73.8 percent of residents in thoracic surgery.