Ways To Remove Armpit Hair

Causes and treatment of axillary itching

1. Personal hygiene
The human body is exposed to dirt, sweat, grease and body secretions that must be washed from the body in order to maintain a natural pH and flora of the skin. However, individuals who do not bathe regularly suffer from itching of the skin and other parts of the body as a result of the multiplication of bacteria. Furthermore, sweat and other body secretions alter the pH of the skin that increases the release of chemicals that provoke irritation of the superficial skin layers.

Maintaining optimum hygiene is the most practical solution that requires regular bathing and washing your body with a bar of soap or body washes disinfectant to kill germs and microbes.

2. Fungus infection
Fungal infections such as Candida (an infectious fungus) cause the overgrowth of the fungus. It is a very common cause of skin infections and a change in the normal coexistence of fungi in the body (or part of natural flora) that are naturally present in equilibrium with bacteria and microbes for the worst form that affects the skin.

Itching and infections. However, in certain conditions such as HIV infection, uncontrolled diabetes or immunodeficiency for other reasons, fungi may exceed normal levels and lead to symptoms of infection. Humid areas of the body that are in the dark and not usually exposed to sunlight (such as the thigh, armpits, and folds of the skin) are more likely to develop a fungal infection.

Lifestyle modifications and dietary changes can modify the causes of infection symptoms and resolve problems in most cases. Cases with which lifestyle modification should be administered with antifungal drugs such as azole and polyol antifungals. 

3. Suppurative
Sweat glands Special sweat glands of the skin (such as secretory glands) empties their secretions on the surface with the help of special ducts that are responsible for the exit of a characteristic odor from the skin. However, if a blockage occurs in these channels, it may develop into cysts known as sweat glands. If no action is taken, these cysts may become infected with secondary bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, which have led to the formation of suppurative sweat glands (cyst containing pus).

Most cases of suppurative sweat glands are treated after 1-2 weeks when the pus dries on its own. If cysts grow larger or become painful, oral antibiotics can be taken and in most cases, heat-resistant surgical intervention is recommended.

4. Hyperhidrosis (sweating)
Sweating is also an important cause of axillary itching that leads to chemical irritation due to the excessive growth of bacteria and microbes in a humid environment. Most adult obese has this issue (as we often see with hormonal aberrations and basal metabolic disorders of the body such as the thyroid gland). 

If the cause is hormones, the medical department can solve the symptoms. In other cases, the use of antiperspirants and soap especially helps also reduce the severity of sweating. Other useful therapies that can manage symptoms include special drugs that reduce the secretions of nerve glands,

5. Deodorant and antiperspirants
Sweating can be a response to skin irritants (some chemicals affect skin pores and irritation of sweat glands leading to excessive secretion of sweating). Changing irritating products significantly helps reduce symptoms, products with natural ingredients prefer over products made for sensitive skin can help avoid underarm itching.

The best way to remove armpit hair

Tweezing Tweezers : a method used to remove hair using tweezers, tweeze each hair separately, characterized by it can uproot the hair from the roots and may take long days until it may return up to a week, but before using it you must clean it thoroughly with a sterile solution before and after use To reduce the chances of infection any possible, the disadvantages of this method is that it is somewhat slow, as if it did not uproot the entire hair can cause the problem of non-developing hair, which causes prominent blisters that are difficult to remove or deal with. 

Use sweetness: Sweet is made by adding an appropriate amount of sugar or honey with the same amount of water and lemon on the fire to hold together and then add olive oil and glycerin and left to dry and then used or you can buy them ready but preferably be Pharmacies to ensure that they are safe and from a reliable source, their imperfections are very painful as well as may cause skin sagging in the long run, but their advantages are that they lighten the area wonderfully and leave it very smooth and hair does not grow for long weeks and can be used for all skin without worry, may cause redness Irritation at first but can Wallace Anah some refreshments and special creams allergy.

Laser: Using laser beams and shedding on the skin to destroy the roots of the hair permanently, the method is effective and many resort to it but it needs 6 to 12 times using the laser to be permanently destroyed, in addition to the hair does not grow for between 6 to 12 months and then you must return again to expose The skin does not work with white hair. If you have white hair, do not think of laser as a solution. This procedure should be performed by a competent and reliable doctor.

Hair Growth Prevention Creams: These are medical creams that are applied after each time you use a method to remove hair, preferably a method of hair removal from the roots, and the cream is used immediately after the hair begins to grow and stop using the cream and repeat this method every time you remove hair Until you notice that it has disappeared completely, the hair may not disappear completely, but the density will be much less than before, you may need a little longer to reach the desired result.

Epilation creams: a group of creams that can be obtained from pharmacies, which analyze the bonds that bind proteins in each hair and then weakened and easily uprooted from the skin, the method is very easy and painless but hair returns to grow quickly and cause darkening skin and hair density Than he was.

Electrolysis: The doctor puts a small needle in the root of each hair in the area and then destroys it by connecting the needles with an electric current, can not be used only in small areas because it needs a double time, as you need to go every week to be sure Getting rid of hair permanently, the method may cause bloating, redness and wounds that are difficult to remove.

Use of razor blades: The use of a razor blade to remove hair, using special blades for women are equipped with moisturizing glycerin oil for the skin, the blades work to remove the surface layer of the skin and soft skin, leaving a coarse and full of grain, the method is quick and easy and painless but full of defects, including hair growth quickly After just 24 hours, the area becomes coarse, making the non-developing hair very easy. In addition, when the hair grows again, it is as prominent, coarse and soft as it once was, and your skin in this area will become black. Wounds while using blades.