Unique Hairstyles That Fit Every Face

There are many new hairstyles that have been spreading lately, but when some girls try out these hairstyles are not as attractive as they have seen others, most girls think that the reason for this is that they do not know the design of the desired hairstyle, but this is not true as the main reason may be in the form of the face of these girls each face has a particular hairstyle that suits him and appear nicer to the girl, so all girls should recognize their face shape and also know the shape of the hairstyles that appear nicer on their faces and then apply these hairstyles without worrying of any Something, let’s review together Unique hairstyles that fit every face.

Unique hairstyles that fit every face

In order for each girl to make a hairstyle appropriate to the shape of her face first by recognizing the shape of her face, because the face of 6 forms and each girl has a different shape from the other, and these forms are triangle and oval and circular and rectangle and square and diamond and in order to know what the shape of her face among these forms The dimensions of her face by measuring the dimensions of the cheek from the bottom of the eyes and measuring the width of the front and the measurement of the jaw from the bottom of the ear to the end of the jaw and also measure the length of the entire face, and after recognizing all these measurements are now able to know the shape of your face.

How to determine the correct face shape

After the measurements made on the face, each girl can find out the shape of the real face and then choose the hairstyle that fits with him. Within the measurements the results are as follows:

  • The shape of the triangle: It is where the size of the jaw is broad and the dimensions of the cheeks less wide and the front is small.
  • Oval shape: This is where the face is longer and the width of the jaws and cheeks less.
  • Circular shape: It is where the length of the face and bones cheeks greater than the width of the front.
  • Rectangle shape: This is where the length of the face is greater than the rest of the other dimensions of the face.
  • Square shape: This is where all the dimensions of the face are somewhat close together.
  • Diamond shape: It is where the face is long and the rest of the dimensions graded from top to bottom.

Hairstyles fit the triangle face

This shape of the face is like an inverted triangle, which is broad from the front and thin from the chin and jaw and prefer to owners of this face to make wavy waves and away from the hair to be smooth, as it is preferable that the length of their hair to average the shape of the face unlike the long smooth hair that appears The face is long.

Hairstyles fit the oval face

The oval face is one of the best forms of the face that befits all forms of hairstyles. Part of the cheekbone, the other part of the cheekbone, and so on until it is long drawn from behind.

Hairstyles fit face ring

There are a variety of hairstyles that fit with the circular face, but the hair must be thick until the face appears thinner and looks better, while if you have light hair you should choose curly hairstyles that make hair thicker.

Hairstyles fit rectangle face

Among the hairstyles that fit the rectangular face, if it is short the hairstyle is preferably dropped aside, while if it is long it is preferable to have layers or wavy.