Tips For Treating Oily Hair

Women with oily hair suffer from increased secretion of fat in the scalp in this article and exclusively on the first Arab diet in the world of fitness Health and beauty Learn the most important tips for the treatment of oily hair.

Greasy hair

The hair becomes greasy as a result of the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands that connect to the roots of the hair and provide it with oil. One of the most important symptoms that indicate that the hair is greasy: the presence of dandruff in the scalp so that the color is yellowish, and has an oily texture in addition to the speed of hair dirt.

 There are many products that treat oily hair from the outside only, without ending the problem of increased activity of sebaceous glands, and we will address in this article to mention some of the factors causing the increase of fatty hair, and some natural solutions to the treatment of this annoying problem.

Factors to increase fatty hair

– Hair texture: It is worth mentioning that coarse and curly hair is less oily than light and smooth hair, as each hair follicle on the scalp has three sebaceous glands that protect it, and in order to reach the fat drops to the hair follicle they cut a long and winding path so it does not reach A large amount of fat unlike light and soft hair.

– Inheritance: If one of the parents has greasy hair, it is likely that the children have the same quality of hair.

– Hormonal changes: Fatty hair in girls is another sign that appears in adolescence, such as excess hair, and the emergence of pills, but this problem is quickly resolved during the return of the hormonal balance of the girl’s body, but for adult women, fatty hair is produced when using drugs Pregnancy or menstruation.

– Hormones used to enlarge muscles and increase body mass, which is used by people interested in sports bodybuilding lead to increased fatty hair.

Tips for treatment of oily scalp:

– Clean the scalp: It depends on the choice of shampoo for oily hair, which works to rid the hair and scalp from excess oils, which is well suited for oily hair, but if the hair of the type of dry or normal use of olive oil to massage hair strands before Shampooing away from the roots and scalp, which gives the hair a clean, oil-free look. When you get oily scalp, the hair needs to be shampooed regularly and left on for a few minutes before rinsing.

– Deep Moisturizing: All hair types need to be hydrated, but when the scalp is oily thanks to the use of natural hair moisturizers, or conditioner, then rinse the hair with a little apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to get rid of excess fat, giving the hair the necessary moisture with a scalp-free Of fats and oils.

– Nutrition: Many women rely on natural hair oils such as olive oil, castor oil, and others, which works to strengthen the hair and increase the density and softness, but in the case of fatty scalp we can not rely on oils in the hair nutrition, which causes a fatty increase Scalp But women can rely on alternative oil products such as non-oily conditioners.

– Combing hair: It is recommended to use wooden combs to comb the hair after drying it very well, as combing wet hair works on hair loss, which means avoiding excessive styling, which helps to reduce the secretion of oils on the scalp.

– Natural recipes: One of the natural recipes beneficial to the hair and work to shine and strengthen it and get rid of excess fat on the scalp using henna, which helps to moisturize hair without increasing oils skinhead.

– Coconut milk: used to massage the scalp, which nourishes the roots and tufts of hair in a wonderful way.

– Tea tree oil: used to put a few drops of it with shampoo appropriate for the type of hair when washing hair, which works to remove excess fatty secretions scalp.

Aloe vera gel is used to massage the scalp to nourish hair and control the secretion of excess oils.

Natural ways to get rid of the crust

Almond oil: Apply the right amount of almond oil on your scalp and then massage in a gentle manner, then cover your hair with a hot towel, and leave for a quarter of an hour, then wash your hair with water and shampoo, and continue to repeat this recipe daily to get a guaranteed result.

Neem leaves: Soak the right amount of neem leaves in a glass of hot water, and leave the mixture until the next morning, and use soaked to wash your hair. You can also crush Neem leaves and mix them with a quantity of water until you get a paste, apply the dough on your scalp and leave it for Quarter an hour, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Rosemary oil: Rub your scalp with the right amount of rosemary oil using your fingers, then leave for several hours after washing with water and shampoo.

Olive oil: Heat the amount of olive oil on the fire, until it becomes lukewarm and then grease your scalp, then cover your head with a hot towel, and leave for ten minutes, then wash your hair with water and shampoo.

Lemon juice: Mix four tablespoons of coconut oil, one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, apply the mixture on the scalp and leave for half an hour, then wash with shampoo and water.

Baking powder: Wash your scalp with water, then rub it with the right amount of baking soda, keep applying this recipe daily, and for several weeks, and you’ll notice the disappearance of dandruff from your hair.

Fenugreek seeds: bring a pot, put in a quantity of water, then add two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds, and soak it for a full night, and in the morning crushed soaked fenugreek seeds until you get a paste, apply the paste on your scalp, and leave it for thirty minutes, then wash your hair Well with water, repeat this recipe twice a week.

Aloe vera gel: Apply an appropriate amount of aloe vera gel on your scalp, before going to sleep in the evening, and leave it until the next morning, then rinse your hair shampoo and water.

Mix apple cider vinegar: Mix half a cup of water with half a cup of apple cider vinegar, then put the mixture in a sprayer, and spread it on your scalp and massage it well, leave the mixture for a quarter of an hour then wash it with water, and make sure to repeat this process from one to two times a week for three months.

Natural ways to treat oily hair

– Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda): Mix half a cup of water, and three tablespoons of baking soda mix well to get a paste, and then apply the paste on your hair, which is wet and then leave for several minutes after washing with lukewarm water, and always repeat this recipe Once to twice a week for the best results.

– Black tea: Bring a glass of water and then add two tablespoons of tea leaves, and boil on the fire for ten minutes, then grease your hair and scalp with this mixture and leave for five minutes and then wash with shampoo, repeat this process three times a week to get rid of your hair fat Excess.

– Lemon juice: Mix the right amount of lemon juice and three tablespoons of honey and two cups of distilled water well, then apply the mixture on your hair and scalp and then massage for several minutes, and prefer to leave it on your hair for another five minutes after washing with lukewarm water, and continue Apply this recipe three times a week to get the desired result.

– Apple cider vinegar: Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water, then use this mixture to rinse your hair after washing with shampoo, and leave it for several minutes after washing with cold water, repeat this process two to three times a week and you will notice the amazing results you will get.

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