Reasons That Hinder The Descent of The Weight

Many people suffer from the problem of excess weight, especially recently, after the proliferation of restaurants and ready meals, which contain a lot of calories and fats that gain weight and also because of the technological development in all electrical appliances and in life in general, the human has not made much effort in Any work he wishes to do. 

Women who are overweight are particularly vulnerable, due to the change in the body of the woman during pregnancy and childbirth and often increases the weight of women after pregnancy and childbirth significantly. There are people who can not control their appetite, especially at the time of anger and sadness, and eat a lot of food until they feel comfortable and get rid of the feeling of sadness or anger. 

Whatever the causes of weight gain, excess weight is undesirable for most people and wants a lot of elimination of any excess weight that affects their external appearance and embarrasses them in front of others, and if excessive weight may cause diseases and fatigue. Therefore, we must maintain a moderate weight in order to avoid any problems or diseases that may face us in the future due to weight gain.

Recipes to get rid of excess weight

– Drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon daily morning and evening, as it works to burn fat completely from the body in the case of continuing and commitment to take this recipe.
– Eat more cucumbers daily, especially between the main meals, which helps to increase the feeling of satiety and inability to eat, and can be mixed with cucumber mint, by grinding a grain of cucumber with 5 leaves of mint with at least half a cup of water This will help you burn fat, especially if you drink it on an empty stomach in the morning and if you stick to this recipe for a long time.
– Apple cider vinegar recipe with mild or lukewarm water, which regulates digestion, and helps significantly to get rid of the accumulated fat and burn.
– Chamomile flowers, as well as anise and preferably both, planted locally, where these drinks work in the long term to burn fat and increase the feeling of satiety.
– Mix sage with fat-burning water, where these compounds are boiled on fire for a period of not less than a quarter of an hour and drink it daily in the evening before bedtime instead of eating dinner.

5 reasons hinder the descent of the weight

Pressure nervous

Exposure to stress and stress can increase the body’s production of cholesterol in the blood, causing weight gain despite dieting and exercise to lose weight. It is advisable to stay away from stressful and stressful situations to enjoy the optimal weight and a certain weight loss.

Cruel diets

Following a strict diet is unhealthy and you should stop it immediately. Losing weight quickly will not guarantee you to keep your body slim for a long time, but the body will recover that weight as soon as you finish the diet. Rigid diets also threaten health problems such as general weakness. Scientific studies that harsh diets may threaten the difficulty of weight loss as a result of the body’s harshness and storage of fat and not burned as a way to ensure access to energy in cases of non-nutrition.


Some may eat light meals and contain small amounts of healthy and light food, but between those meals eat heavy and calorie-rich meals that cause weight gain without feeling, so it is recommended to eat snacks between meals and stay away from meals that contain High calories to avoid difficulty losing excess weight and burning fat.

Soft drinks

Drinking carbonated beverages is one of the things that threaten the difficulty of burning fat as it contains high calories because it contains a very large amount of sugar, which the body considers a chemical 100% rich in energy that is not needed by the body, which causes the storage of these calories in the form of Body fat, so it is advisable to avoid soft drinks and replace them with natural drinks such as fruit and vegetable juices to enjoy the nutrients contained in those juices and avoid sugar damage.

Motor activity

Just paying attention to a diet will not help much in weight loss. You should exercise daily even if it is simple. The body movement helps to lose weight and works on sculpting the body amazingly and wonderfully, so do not lose the wonderful effect of exercise during a diet to lose weight Safely.

Get rid of excess weight

– Reduce the intake of fatty foods, which increase your weight quickly, and not eating a lot of them, but only eat them in a simple way so that your body benefits from them and not exposed to weight gain and these foods (meat, hamburger and meat broth).

Don’t eat too many sweets and sugars.

– Always eat fresh vegetables and fruits, they are very useful and provide your body with vitamins and strengthen the body and do not gain weight.

– Do not neglect to drink water during your day and fluids in general, it helps a lot in weight loss and prefers to drink 8 glasses a day so help yourself to lose excess weight quickly.

– Do not eat too much-fried foods, which contain a lot of oils and fats that gain weight quickly. Do not eat more bread and rice, it contains starches that increase weight significantly.

– Make sure you eat healthy, fresh lean foods such as vegetables, fruits, natural juices, and boiled foods instead of fried oils.

– Divide your meals during the day into three meals, for example: (in the morning light breakfast and lunch and at night eat fruits and vegetables) Vtnjat times help you a lot in reducing your weight and maintain a moderate weight.

– After eating food do not go to sleep directly so as not to increase your weight and accumulate fat in your body, but stay awake for at least an hour until digested properly in your stomach and then go to sleep.

– Be sure to walk every day for about half an hour, until you renew your activity and reduce your weight and keep your body graceful and beautiful.

– Exercise is preferred every day, it helps a lot in weight loss, and if you feel lazy than that, you can go to play in a gym you and your friends to have fun and lose weight as well.

– You can eat some drinks that help you lose weight quickly, such as: (ginger, lemon, lemon juice) These drinks are known to reduce weight and make the body thinner than before.

– You must have the determination and determination to lose weight and challenge yourself and not give up from the beginning, so as not to increase your weight more than the previous and suffer from problems in the future.

– It is preferable to eat meat in a grilled way, because the meat when grilling away from them, which overweight and benefit from the protein in the meat without increasing your weight.

– If you are overweight in a certain area of ​​your body, you can do special exercises to reduce weight from the abdominal area, for example, buttocks, and prefer to exercise in a gym and under the supervision of a sports coach so as not to perform any wrong exercises harmful to your health or your body.