7 Ways To Increase Your Natural Beauty

Are you tired of cosmetic products and want to get natural beauty? In this Article we will show you ways to increase the natural beauty.

Here are some simple and easy ways to increase natural beauty:

Attention to eyelashes


One of the things that distinguish women are the beautiful long eyelashes, so you must apply castor oil on the eyelashes at night when sleeping to increase the length of eyelashes in record time.

Leaving eyebrows on their own


Avoid removing eyebrows or drawing them with pens. Because it is important to maintain the beauty of the nature you face has. The more naturally you look, the more confidence you will have in life.

Wash the skin before bed

skin wash

The skin must be washed and cleaned thoroughly before the bed, to remove all the dust and unwanted belongings that are on the face during the day. If left it may lead to clogging the pores of the skin and form pills and blackheads on the skin.

Going out without makeup

Many women do not have the courage to go out of the house without putting makeup on their face, but if every female tries, people will start to recognize divisions and shape of her face more often. So you should try to go out without makeup and enjoy in your natural beauty.

Use a gentle lotion on the skin

skin oil

Most of the people use soap when cleaning their face, using soap is not recommended even if it cleans your skin very well. One of the reasons why you should not use soap is beacuse it causes dry skin. Use gentle lotion for the skin instead.

Peeling and moisturizing lips


To get beautiful and exciting you must peel lips regularly to get a soft lip and to increase blood perfusion in the lips, which increases the size of the lips naturally, also apply a moisturizer for the lips after peeling.

The use of sunscreen


One of the things that do great harm to the skin is the exposure to the sun without the application of protective creams. Sunlight leads to wrinkles and the appearance of brown dots on the skin which may lead to skin cancer at the end, so to increase the natural beauty, sun creams should be adequately protectedused and sunglasses should be worn as well.

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