How To Get Rid of Gases In The Abdomen


Many people suffer from abdominal gas, causing discomfort and embarrassment, as well as abdominal pain. They are known to be gases that form in the intestines due to the fermentation of carbohydrates that are not digested in the small intestine by bacteria in the colon, a problem experienced by both men and women.

It has many reasons and perhaps the most important of these reasons are unhealthy eating habits and unorganized, which as a result of our accelerated life system frequently eat a person from fast food and soft drinks and other foods that may have the greatest impact on the formation of gases in this article Known as the most important causes of gases to be ministers in the abdomen as well as the ways in which we get rid of those annoying gases. 

Causes of gas formation in the abdomen

There are several reasons for gas formation in the abdomen: 

  • Swallowing a large amount of air while eating, especially in people who eat quickly or as a result of not chewing food well before swallowing.
  • Eat some foods that lead to swelling of the colon, such as legumes.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome helps to increase abdominal gas as well as the digestive colon.
  • Take some types of drugs whose side effects are gases in the abdomen.
  • Excessive gases may be a sign of another disease such as ulcerative colitis.
  • Eat some foods that are difficult to digest.
  • Eating hot spicy foods is a major cause of flatulence.
  • Drink water while eating.

Ways to get rid of gases in the abdomen

To get rid of gases in the abdomen, follow these steps:

  • Avoid foods that increase flatulence, such as legumes and fried foods.
  • Stay away from soft drinks.
  • Chew the food well before swallowing.
  • Eat fiber-rich foods and drink enough water daily.
  • Eating a cup of boiled mint after a meal will relax the muscles, which helps to get rid of gas.
  • Take medications that reduce abdominal gas, such as carbon tablets and simethicone.
  • Eat a glass of warm lemon every morning. It cleans your digestive system and liver, making it easier to work.
  • Doing some exercises at home, such as sleeping on the abdomen, helps to get rid of them easily as well as doing a well-known biscuit exercise.
  • Drinking cumin, anise, and ginger is very useful for expelling gases.
  • Take the pond after grinding with meals, it is considered a gas repellent.

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