Foods That Cause Belly Fat

If you suffer from the emergence of rumen fat-burning difficult and want to know the causes and ways to get rid of them we offer you exclusively on the first Arab diet in the world of fitness health and beauty.

Determine if your body weight is healthy!

There are many different factors that must be taken into account to help determine healthy body weight. For example, height, age, type, fat percentage, bone density and other factors that determine the ideal body weight.

The most common way to find out if your weight is right or whether you are overweight or underweight is the BMI calculation method.
Body Mass Index (BMI) = weight in kg / (length in meters x length in meters).

The normal range of body mass index (BMI) is between 18.5 and 24.9. This means that less than 18.5 indicates weight loss and if 30 or more is evidence of obesity. If it ranges between 25-29.9 means that there is an increase in weight. In some countries, health rules consider a BMI of less than 20 to be underweight.

Thus, these criteria may vary from country to country. Also, BMI does not depend on body fat percentage. Ideally, a man’s body should contain 10-22% fat, while a woman’s body should contain about 20-32% fat.

Body fat percentage can be measured in a simple way using BMI:

Adult body fat percentage = (1.20x (BMI)) + (0.23x age) – (10.8x type) – 5.4
(to be calculated for males = 1, females = 0)

You can also evaluate your waist to hip ratio by calculating WHR to determine if there is a risk of some health problems.

For men, WHR should be 0.95 or lower, and for women, it should be 0.80 or lower. Men with a WHR score of 1 or more and women with a WHR of 0.90 or more are at higher risk of some health problems.

To determine the WHR ratio, it is necessary to measure waist circumference and buttock circumference. Then we divide the middle size by the size of the buttocks.

It is also believed that people who have the ability to gain weight in the waist area (apple body shape) are more likely to have health problems associated with obesity (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, other diseases) than people with the ability to To gain weight around the buttocks area (pear body shape).

In addition, you can also determine whether your body weight is perfect depending on the size of the body’s outer frame. You can measure this by holding your wrist with the other hand. If your thumb touches the middle finger easily, your outer body frame is small. If the thumb is hard to touch the middle finger, the outer bezel of your body is average. If the thumb is not in contact with the middle finger, the outer bezel is large.

How do I get rid of belly fat and the least effort?

1. Eat fiber

– Make sure to eat fiber and proteins in large quantities because it contributes to give you a sense of satiety for a longer time than carbohydrates do and eat them will automatically reduce the intake of carbohydrates that the body can not burn quickly, as well as foods that accumulate in the body and fat in the abdominal area.

2. Orange humans

– Orange human beings on the salad before you eat your meal directly This will help you get rid of the fat in the bottom of your body, but do not preach it before you eat long because the gallbladder increases the longer time.

3. Green tea

Drink green tea with lemon juice. Tea has antioxidants that increase the body’s metabolism and burn fat more.

4. Diversity in exercise

– Do not repeat a certain exercise at all times and make sure to diversify in your workouts and the duration of each exercise should be equal to the other exercise because the diversity makes you move all the muscles in your body and you should get some rest between each exercise.

5. Apple

– Apples contain high nutritional values ​​and a large proportion of vitamins, salts and minerals that your body needs as it has an abundant amount of fiber that fills your stomach and gives you a sense of satiety and it also reduces the levels of cholesterol in the blood, which increases in people with the accumulation of belly fat.

6. Don’t overdo sugars

– Do not overdo sugars, although it is important to activate your mind and give you energy, but overeating works on the formation of fat in the abdominal area, such as candy and fast food and soft drinks and fruits such as mango, grapes, figs, and dates, so you can Replace biscuits with fresh vegetables.

7. Find a partner for your dream!

– You can look for a companion or partner to participate in following the diet regimen because it will encourage you and make you complete your way to reducing fat in your belly and in maintaining your body weight.

Foods that cause swelling and abdominal fat and accumulate fat to avoid or try to reduce them.

White bread

White bread contains large amounts of calories and starches.

Soft drinks

All types of abdominal swelling so avoid it completely because it also contains unhealthy substances and large amounts of sugars in one cup.


They contain large amounts of fat and are digested slowly to stay longer in the stomach, so try to reduce them and eat once a week, and baked in a healthy way.

Ice cream

Because it contains large amounts of sugars, which raises the rate of glucose and insulin, making fat accumulate in the abdomen area


Salt attracts water to the body. If you are taking a large amount of salt, the body will retain more fluids.

Chewing gum

You may not know the secret behind it. When you chew gum, you swallow the air that is trapped inside your stomach.

Snakes and chips

Because they fry with oils this contains a high content of oils that lead to the accumulation of abdominal fat.