Effective Recipes For The Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Osteoporosis is one of the most common diseases affecting women than men, and because this is an organic disease that causes a large amount of bone erosion, osteoporosis begins to eat some of the problems that increase the fragility, then make women can not stand for a long time or walk on Footlong distances where the  causes of osteoporosis and methods of treatment vary  from person to person and one of the best treatments alternative medicine will provide by following the article.

Treatment of osteoporosis with alternative medicine and nutritious foods

Some doctors prescribe some medications that eliminate osteoporosis, but some medications work to injure women with gastric ulcers caused by over-the-counter medications. You can treat osteoporosis with some herbs from alternative medicine that have not been harmful to human health and treat osteoporosis.

Yogurt for the treatment of osteoporosis

There are many nutritious and inexpensive foods that osteoporosis patients eat to completely eliminate them and women can stand on their feet and can walk, and the most important of these foods that address osteoporosis:

  • Treatment of osteoporosis by foods containing calcium such as yogurt, yogurt, and cheese.
  • These foods contain calcium that treats fragility, as most people get vitamin D from sun exposure.
  • But you can eat yogurt to eat plenty of amounts to treat fragility, as calcium and vitamin D treat fragility.
  • Because fragility is the lack of elements in the human body, the bone becomes infected with soreness and erosion.

Mashed garlic cloves

Garlic contains a high vitamin D component, which treats fragility easily and in a short time.

Eat plenty of eggs

  • Eggs contain abundant amounts of calcium and vitamin D.
  •  Eggs work to lose weight easily, and treatment of osteoporosis is weight loss until the pressure on the legs is reduced.

Green tea to treat osteoporosis

  • Green tea contains some elements that rebuild bones and that address osteoporosis.
  • Since there are some health benefits of green tea that benefit the human and helps to lose weight easily and in a short time and this is useful for fragility because the effective treatment of fragility is weight loss.

Dates for the treatment of osteoporosis

  • Dates work on the treatment of many diseases that affect humans, where it was a year for the Prophet peace be upon him, it is a cure for every disease.
  • Dates strengthen the bones and strengthen the teeth as well.
  • It treats all bone diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism and all orthopedic diseases.

White honey

  • White honey has a lot of elements that benefit the human body, as the white honey strengthens bones and works to give the body vitamin D and all useful elements.
  • It is a natural and harmless treatment for the treatment of osteoarthritis for all women suffering from soreness in the knees and feet.
  •  You should take one tablespoon of white honey on an empty stomach.


  • Avocados are natural herbs that contain special elements for the treatment of osteoporosis, such as calcium and vitamin D.
  • Avocado should be used as a drink such as sage, ginger, fenugreek, and any warm water.

Fresh orange juice

Fresh orange juice gives the body vitamin C and gives the body calcium through which the body can get rid of osteoporosis and all bone-related diseases.


Ginger treats any inflammation resulting from any disease that affects the body, so ginger treats osteoporosis and eliminates it in a short time, you can take a cup of ginger daily.