10 Myths About Weight Loss

Getting rid of excess weight is a difficult task and many people do it incorrectly. Whether by eating unhealthy foods or by depriving a lot of food, or it may even not eat any food at all. But weight loss must be done properly to maintain a healthy body, and to stabilize weight after getting rid of excess weight.

Myths About Weight Loss

1 – Adoption of low-calorie diets, fasting and starvation method, the solution to excess weight

Adopting a harsh, low-calorie diet may help temporarily lose weight as soon as you return as many times as well as some negative side effects on your health. Applying such systems and adopting them as a lifestyle will be very difficult, and quickly return to your previous system with metabolic processes slower and less energy, which may lead you to the demand for sugars and fats and thus an increase in caloric intake, leading to weight gain.

2 – A low-calorie diet may be practiced without physical activity

This is not recommended. Healthy weight loss can be achieved by following a healthy diet with adequate calories and proper physical activity. These are complementary to each other and contribute to the success of the process and reach long-term goals, without reducing the level of intake of calories. An adult is usually advised to exercise at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. Those who aim to lose weight probably need more time to exercise to increase the number of calories burned.

3 – Exercise alone may contribute to weight loss without any changes to the diet

While regular physical activity is a must, it alone will not be enough to help you lose weight. As mentioned earlier, mixing a healthy diet with adequate physical activity together is the best solution to achieve long-term goals and help burn calories. More thermal.

4 – slimming pills and fat-burning drugs alone help in weight loss

Of course not, slimming drugs usually have negative side effects on the body and are not recommended to use them only in certain cases and under special conditions, and the recommendation of the specialist doctor. And of course alone without a diet and a healthy life will not work.

5 – Healthy food is a high cost compared to fast food

not necessarily! There are usually many healthy eating items, and many options may help you make your healthy meal and cook it instead of eating fast food, pans, high-fat foods, sugars, salt and at the lowest cost.

6 – The inclusion of low fat or sugar on the food label of the product means that it is healthy options

You should be wary of this. Some of these business claims may be misleading. Foods that may be written low in fat or sugar are often low in it and not completely free, and this does not necessarily mean that these varieties are healthier than others. Some may be low in fat and high in sugars or carbohydrates.

7 – Ghee is more healthy than butter and margarine

Wrongly, margarine may contain less saturated fat compared to butter, but it contains a high percentage of trans fats that are harmful to health.

8 – canceling your intake of some meals will contribute to the descent of the weight

This will not help you, not the solution to avoid breakfast or eating any of the snacks and reduce the number of meals, but vice versa! Maintaining your body’s energy levels by eating several healthy, calorie and calorie meals throughout the day is the best solution to help you control your eating intake, reduce your hunger and promote metabolism and fat burning.

9 – drinking water is a way to lose weight

Drinking water does not directly lead to weight loss. Water is important for the body to do various biomaterials and is important for maintaining its moisture. But thirst can sometimes contribute to increased demand for calories as a way to fill it, and drinking water will reduce this habit in addition to reducing the consumption of some snacks or reduce the size of meals eaten as a result of feeling full after drinking water. It is recommended to drink at least 1.2 liters of fluid per day, according to the British Ministry of Health.

10 – Carbohydrate cancellation is the solution to weight loss

Some may think that eliminating carbohydrates from his daily diet will contribute to weight loss being a high source of energy and calories. However, this habit is wrong. Carbohydrate cancellation usually comes at the expense of an increase in other nutrients such as protein or fat, as in the Atkins diet, which usually has negative side effects on health. Eating carbohydrates, especially complex ones, in the right quantities and calculated within a balanced diet will contribute to reaching your ideal weight.

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